Over Datum Eetclub 3

Michelin Star chef Pascal Jalhay cooks for Giro555

2 Aug 2011

After two sold-out editions of Over Datum Eetclub it was time to take it to the next level. Pascal Jalhay and a team of chefs joined forces to not only prepare a great meal made of expired produce, but also raise money for Giro555.


Stephanie met tuinbonen - Portretfoto genomen tijdens Over Datum Eetclub 3 voor Giro555: The All Star Edition. Mar-Ina Uhrig

Doors opened and soon Mediamatic Bank was squirming with people ready to get their hands dirty. Stores had once again been more than generous, and combined with the produce visitors brought, we had plenty of expired food to work with. We made beautiful portraits of the guests with the products they brought in. View them here.


All the delicious food aside, we had, of course, come together for a reason: Giro555. Valerie and Marinus of Giro555 talked a bit about the cause and then started collecting money. We are very proud to say that thanks to all the generous visitors, we were able to collect €811,40!

Pascal Jalhay

Two Michelin stars in two years (unique in the Benelux) and a certified master chef of the Dutch Guild of Master Chefs: not a bad score for a man who also wrote a popular cookbook. Pascal Jalhay was assisted by professional cooks Tony Draaisma and Fernando Postma, and by Over Datum Eetclub's first chef, Tinda van Smoorenburg. Together they made a fabulous three course meal.


Het koksteam: Pascal Jalhay, Tony, Fernando en Tinda - Portretfoto genomen tijdens Over Datum Eetclub 3 voor Giro555.

The dinner

Plates were dressed with crunchy croutons, an elegant dressing, and beans with a bite. For dessert we had a sweet melon soup and assorted fruits. Take a look at the pictures on the Overdatum website.

It was a colorful whole, as young and old sat down to dine together. A little girl had managed to get hold of a big piece of cheese, and nibbled on it while sitting on her mother's arm. A young student chopped beans while talking about writing a blog about the evening, and an American girl brought us up-to-date on freeganism, a movement popular in San Francisco.

Before everyone left, Pascal treated us to an edible souvenir: lavender vinegar, and a salt and pepper replacement made from Israelian seaweed and pink pepper blossom.

Your own Over Datum Eetclub

Did you know you can organize your own Over Datum Eetclub for Giro555? While slurping away on the Galia melon soup for dessert, we asked everyone to copy our idea. De Over Datum Eetclub is a pop-up community with tips and tricks for starting your own club. Make any day an Over Datum day and support a good cause!

More information

Over Datum Eetclub 3 took place at Mediamatic BANK, Vijzelstraat 68. Doors opened at 17:30, we started cooking at 18:00. Admission: a donation to Giro555.

Special thanks to....

The following stores and suppliers donated their Over Datum products to this edition.

  • Organic food for you - Vijzelstraat
  • Panathea Olive oil