Over Datum Eetclub 8

Mushrooms with Mark Janssen and Maurice van der Molen

27 Sep 2011

The new Mediamatic-mycology-era took off with the Over Datum Eetclub mushroom edition. It was dominated by the little edible fungi. Our exhibition room is transformed into a city mushroom farm: we’re growing all different kinds ourselves. Next to our own shii-takes and oyster mushrooms, our chefs of the evening, Mark Janssen and Maurice van der Molen, guided us through the cuisine des champignons.


Cantharellen poetsen - Secuur borstelen van Cantharellen Govert de Jong


The Dinner

Out of all the expired products and the different sorts of fungi we created a four-course-dinner. We kicked off the bite with a salad a l’improvise: a combination of champignons, walnuts and cucumber. Then we continued our fungi-journey with pasta porcini served with a tomato/mascarpone sauce and different salads with fruit and spicy-peppers. The third course existed of potatoes with two sorts of sauce: one with Chantharelle and once made of Oyster Mushrooms. We finished with vanilla-icecream, Grand Marnier and black ear fungus.

Mark Janssen and Maurice van der Molen

Mark Janssen is the master of mycological gastronomy. What started as a hobby soon resulted in serious research and accompanying publications. His two mushroom handbooks provide the reader with lots of recipes and tips on how to gather wild mushrooms. Maurice van der Molen is a visual artist and amateur mycologist. When he isn't working on ecological landscape constructions, he's searching for, photographing and sharing information about mushrooms.

More information

Over Datum Eetclub 8: Mushroom edition took place at Mediamatic Bank, Vijzelstraat 68 Amsterdam.