The Milk Salon

14 Oct 2016

There’s milk. And then there’s milk! From cow to cow, farmer to farmer, milk is so much more than just one product. That’s why Foodcabinet, together with Sietske Klooster, creator of cooperative The Milk Salon, set up a taste and design room at one of The Milk Salon’s eight dairy farms.


The Milk Salon - A project by Sietske Klooster Sietske Klooster

Now, along with the group’s eight members, international farmers are invited to join this design and tasting session. Tasting and discussing global dairy products and fermentation techniques, this doubles as an exciting chance for all to share their knowledge and experiences about setting up and working within a cooperative. Straight from the dairy cow’s mouth!


10:30 Welcome and introduction by Sietske Klooster
11:00 Tasting session of fermented dairy & exchanging experiences on working in cooperatives
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Fermenting, led by Marten Verdenius, and exchanging knowledge
14:00 Wind-up

This event is only for invitees and press. Get more information here.