The Six-Winged Chicken and other mythical creatures of the food industry

by Anne Kamps

1 Sep 2020

Where does the meat we eat actually come from? On what scale is it produced? And, what is real news and what is fake news?

A few years ago, the phenomenon of the six-winged chicken was written about on the internet. For a while, it seemed to exist. Several media wrote about it, and images of six-winged chickens popped up on the internet. Whether this fabulous creature really exists is still not entirely clear...

At Mediamatic, browse through this large edition of The Six-winged Chicken and other fabulous creatures of the food industry and let the animals come to you.


Six Winged Chicken - Eszter Jámbor


In today's media, it is difficult to determine what is real news and what is fake news. It is easy to manipulate information and the amount of news, both true and false, is overwhelming. This leads to a lot of doubt, and creates room for the imagination to run wild. This is especially true when things are withheld or invisible, as is the case in our meat industry. After all, most people do not know where their meat comes from and it is also difficult to determine with the scale of production. In the book, "The Six-winged Chicken and Other Fabled Animals of the Food Industry", Anne Kamps is on the cutting edge of fact and fiction. She captures the spirit of the times, with all its fake news, crazy technologies and a food industry that has never been so far removed from mankind.


The Six-winged Chicken and other fables of the food industry by Anne Kamps

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