Ignite: Lightness Opening

What does lightness mean to you?

30 Apr 2014

Ignite 36 is a special preview of our next project Lightness. In a time of societal strain Mediamatic explores the light at the end of the tunnel. 11 weeks, 11 exhibitions. Tonight, the 11 curators give a preview of their week in 5 minute discussions on what 'lightness' means to them. Besides that there's a helium choir, light food and flag aerobics. Get your tickets online to save a few euros.


You will be welcomed by the Helium Choir. They will sing a piece of the composer Natalia Dominguez Rangel, conducted by Tristan Knelange. And there will be an Ala Bandera performance by Ed van Hinte and Margreet Sweerts. Ala Bandera or flag aerobics is the latest fitness trend. It's not only healthy but it looks beautiful.


Margreet Sweerts

Ed van Hinte and Margreet Sweerts introduce a new fitness range where waving is the new key word: Ala Bandera.


Portrayal of the Ala Bandera performance during Ignite 36 - Talented young girl exhibiting flag aerobics as part of the Ala Bandera presentation


Portrayal of the Ala Bandera performance during Ignite 36 - Talented women exhibiting flag aerobics as part of the Ala Bandera presentation

Rob Sweere

Rob Sweere's week of whiteness incorporates different projects that will make you float on water, air and even soundwaves.


19-06-2014 Drone Camping - Inflatable sculptures by Rob Sweere. Exhibited at Mediamatic during his week of Whiteness as part of the Lightness exhibitions. The Inflatable sculptures by Rob Sweere are the landscape for our flying exercises. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are becoming very common in many areas. From hobby toy to deadly drone stikes, they are popping up everywhere. Revolutionising the areal photography practice and enabling DIY mapping projects, drones are also used for… Rob Sweere


Silent city - - Rob Sweere. Retrieved from: http://robsweere.com/2014/02/10/silent-city-at-art-rotterdam/

With: Rob Sweere


Silent city - - Rob Sweere. Retrieved from: http://robsweere.com/2014/02/10/silent-city-at-art-rotterdam/

With: Rob Sweere

Nienke Sybrandy

Nienke is soap bubble expert. By making bubbles she wants to research the essence of temporality and lightness; to catch it and to make it visible. This will happen in her soap bubble laboratory.


Homo Bulla Est - - Nienke Sybrandy. Image retrieved from: http://studiosybrandy.nl/project/homo-bulla-est/

Manon van Hoeckel

Week 4 of Lightness is about voluntary hunger. People fast for different reasons: religion, detox, weight loss, political activism, physics research or just curiosity. For one week Arne Hendriks will not eat. Manon works with Arne and invites you to join him.


Starvation Experiment - Arne Hendriks

Richtje Reinsma

The Higher Office challenges visitors to explore the current affairs that truly keep their minds occupied and visualize them in ex-votos (ex-voto: Latin for ‘From the vow made’). An ex-voto is traditionally a painting or object to endorse a vow or request to a divine entity.


Ex-Voto of Richtje Reinsma - Image for her Lightness week The Higher Office Richtje Reinsma

Bert Kommerij

The Junior Company is a collective of young dance talents of The National Ballet. New talents will make a dance choreography about Lightness for 1 day. It's an opportunity to peak behind the scenes of a true improv dance performance.


Junior Company beautiful communication photo - De Junior Company slaat een brug tussen professionele dansopleiding en professioneel gezelschap. Daarmee is de Junior Company dé springplank voor jonge dansers. Meer informatie Erwin Olaf

Ed van Hinte

With the Tarquino searcher, based on nano technology, it is possible to determine your most distinguished early royal ancestors. Tonight, Ed van Hinte will give a scientific introduction of the machine.


rolotumazi - taken from FlickrKamiokande

Martin Butler

With the famous ballet La Sylphide as an inspiration, Martin Butler creates a program, which focuses on lightness in arts. Expect discussion, charming harp music and a Mid-summer night party in a fairy realm.


Les Sylphides, choreography Nicole Beutler - photo by Anja Beutler

Kroot Jurak

Daniela Bershan brings the Poffice to Mediamatic and Kroot Jurak will be part of it. Poffice is a loose and open group of workers: artists, theoreticians, practitioners, activists and business people that circulate through PAF - the Performing Arts Forum in France.


The POFFICE poster - Daniela Bershan

With: Kroot Juurak

Cynthia Hathaway

Sugar increases the amount of serotin in our brains. Serotin is better known as the happy hormone. So, if we’re able to make happiness, shouldn’t we eat more sugar? Cynthia will search for answers during her sweet tasting Lightness week.


Bing Bong, Big Bang - Pip & Pop (2011) Image retrieved from: http://www.pipandpop.com.au/

With: Pip & Pop

Anja Groten, Ruben Pater en Selby Gildemacher

Expect hyperreal outrageous spectacles and diabolical amusement during the last week of Lightness. With a pretpark as an inspiration.

Cocky Eek

With projects with titles like 'Scapes', 'Blobs', 'Float', 'Airborn' or 'Manlifting kite', you can say that Cocky Eek is a real lightness artist. She will bring one of the blobs to our space for a very special performance.

Dirk Vis

Dirk will show us different examples of ludic protests.

More information

Lightness is made possible by the Creative Industries Fund NL, the City of Amsterdam, the Mondriaan Fund, the VSBfund and the Prins Bernard Culture Fund.

Mediamatic, VOC-kade 10, Oostenburg Amsterdam. Pre-sale tickets are €6,- until 14:00 on the day of the event, then they go up to €8,- (includes a 9-week Club Mediamatic membership). Tickets don't include the lightness food.