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Jasmin Moeller’s (1982, Germany) artisthood is characterized by a hybrid practice. She works as autonomous artist, consultant, researcher, and engages in social art-projects on international level. With her postmodern approach to the artisthood, romantic values such as ‘inspiration’, ‘genius’ and ‘authenticity’ are neutralized and put into perspective.

In 2011 she won the thesis award of Akademie voor Kunst en Vormgeving ’s-Hertogenbosch St. Joost for her graduation work and published the essay De Realiteit van Theorie. The same year her collaboration project Dimensional Consultancy got nominated for the Lucas Prize, which afterwards was presented as extensive site-specific installations and performances on various locations, such as the Stedelijk museum in s’-Hertogenbosch, Moira in Utrecht and Kunstvlaai in Amsterdam. The artisthood as a phenomenon in itself served as an inspiration for different artworks within Jasmin’s oeuvre. In general, in her art she processes contemporary themes and this way offers a direct reflection on modern developments in society. Collaborative and theme-based projects are essential for her art practice. Jasmin Moeller currently lives and works in Amsterdam.


With a background in Psychology, Theatre Science and the Arts, Jasmin is keen on combining elements of research, behavioural studies and the arts. The creation of artwork with various layers of rationality, absurdity, imaginative power and research elements are in the main focus of her artisthood. Due to the specialization in performance and installation art, gained in the last three years, she is looking forward to work on an installation in the public realm of Amsterdam city center and to open up the dialogue with the everyday and varied audience.

Collaboration with Mediamatic:

Jasmin did not hesitate when Mediamatic asked her to develop the questionnaire based on her theoretical work in form of an installation. “The institution, its location as well as the form of a trail through public ‘nature’ in combination with software, provide the ideal circumstances to translate the theoretical substance into a material existence”, she says. In her opinion, creating this work it is a great opportunity to start a dialogue about art and the art-discourse with a broader, interested and interesting audience.

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