book: Andrew Bonime, Ken C. Pohlmann 1 Dec 1997

Writing for New Media

The essential Guide to Writing for Interactive Media, CD-ROMs, and the Web

It is common knowledge among writers that the new media have opened up all kinds of writing opportunities, many (but not all) of them considerably more lucrative than their print alternatives. Writing for New Media is a basic guide for writers with little knowledge in this field who would like to jump on the bandwidth bandwagon.

The market in new media is booming, and writers are scrambling to take advantage of myriad new opportunities. If you've ever thought about producing a CD-ROM, creating a Web page, or writing interactive content for any of the new electronic media, this is the book for you. Written in down-to-earth, nontechnical language that even computer novices will understand, this unique guide gives you the knowledge and skills you need to write for all forms of digital media —including CD-ROMs, Web pages, and online magazines.

Writing for New Media will bring you up to speed on:

  • Learning to think interactively
  • Integrating multimedia elements into your work
  • Designing flowcharts and writing interactive script
  • Mastering interactive storytelling—including story branching and the psychology of interactive characters
  • Utilizing key terms and concepts—hot spots, pop-ups, rollovers, navigation, screen metaphors, and inouns and iverbs
  • Presenting your interactive idea to a developer or publisher
  • Adapting linear material for new media and much more

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