project: Lise Skou, Andrea Creutz

Swop Network

Swop Network was initiated in 2003 by Andrea Creutz (Copenhagen) and Lise Skou (Aarhus), as a platform for the production and dissemination of materials and ideas surrounding contemporary political, economic and social debates.


Neighbourhood communal tool shed - Contribution by PUBLIK/ Nis Rømer Community exchange

The projects that Swop Network initiated (2003-2007) visualize and communicate models for economic systems, that function as counterparts to the dominant monetary economy. They also investigate the potential for local economic systems to have a global impact.

From 2004-2005 the Swop Network project was interactive both online and offline in a storefront in Copenhagen where Creutz and Skou organized presentations, readings, discussions, screenings with invited artists, people engaged in complementary economies, writers, ecologists and activists. Since then, Swop Network has realized projects in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and in the Netherlands.

As part of their collaboration the artists initiated the Swop Interview Archive, an ongoing project built up throughout the world, which represents different voices of people working on counter strategies within the dominant monetary system.

For more information see the Swop Book. The objective of this book is to present Swop Projects, some of the initiatives and some projects. Apart from the material, documentation and concrete output, the book also includes texts to give an idea of the contexts in which the various projects operated.