Make a rope, wear a rope

Rope jewellery

12 أيار / مايو 2013

Every year it's a dilemma again: what to get your mom for mothersday? Mothers usually think self-made gifts are the most valuable. With Trashlab and Fools Gold you could come and make jewellery from rope. They started off with making the rope with an authentic rope-making machine. After that you could turn it into a jewel with Fool's Gold.


Fools Gold workshop - This picture was taken at Mediamatic Fabriek. Fools Gold is a project part of Freezing Favela. Erik Diekstra

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Location: Mediamatic Fabriek, VOC Kade 10, Oostenburg Amsterdam. The workshop costed € 30,-, that included a valid Club Mediamatic membership (4 weeks for € 5.-).

Freezing Favela

Freezing Favela was a temporary city at Mediamatic Fabriek. The space is big, unheated, and the roof leaks. Designers, cooks, and other makers had claimed part of this space as their own. In the Favela you could make tosti's from scratch, bricks from old newspaper, furniture from cardboard, and cook with ingredients from the aquaponics farm. Favela-citizens gave workshops and organized events and meals.