2008 Michael Haas, Julian Adenauer, Martin Fussenegger


Paintballs splashing against the windows; a colorful sign of resistance.

The viewer watches the artwork emerge dot by dot, both product and method are intertwined within the artwork.


paintball performance by Michael Haas as a part of the opening - Mar-Ina Uhrig

The Facadeprinter is a communication tool. It is a simple software controlled robot that shoots artwork from a distance. Calculating movements based on digital artwork, software controlled motors position an airpressure-marker to fire thousands of colorballs and print the work on a distant surface. The viewer watches the artwork emerge dot by dot. The machine is inseparable from the rough printed appearance of the works it produces; both product and method are intertwined within the artwork.

Using this method, inaccessible and uneven surfaces can be used for large scale prints and artworks can be printed on buildings without the need for costly scaffolding.

For the Pièce de Résistance exhibition opening, Michael Haas flew in from Germany to complete a print-performance quoting the arabic word "LEAVE" on the windows of the Mediamatic Bank. This word echoed throughout Tahrir square and all over Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen. A direct order from the people to their dictators! Leave!

The Facadeprinter is collaboratively created by Martin Fussenegger, Michael Sebastian Haas, and Julian Adenauer. Sonic Development is the name of their collective, within which their objective is the invention, development and application of technical-moral avant-garde projects.

More information on the Facadeprinter can be found here


Michael Haas, paintball-performer - Mar-Ina Uhrig

Video of the Pièce de Résistance opening night performance By: Margarita Osipian

With: Michael Haas