2010 Roger Cremers


Photographs of WWII reenactors

The past comes to life in Roger Cremers' photos.


The Netherlands, IJmuiden, 19-09-2010 - Photograph from the Reenactment series Roger Cremers

Through his work, Dutch photographer Roger Cremers examines how people deal with the past. Cremers was the winner of the World Press Photo contest in 2008 for his Auschwitz Tourism series.

Re-enactors are people that reconstruct and replay historical events as accurately as possible, preferably in authentic clothing and in the location of the event. Some re-enactors are interested in getting a historical perspective on a particular period or war, while others emphasize the educational aspects of the process. In the Re-enactment project, he explores how people experience the past and process that experience and knowledge. For our exhibition, Cremers selected a series of photographs of WWII reenactments. This series can be seen as part of a larger study in which he seeks the past in the present

More of Roger Cremers' work can be found on his official site. More images from the Re-enactment series can be found here.