Upcycle yourself workshop

Dive into the Vintage Mountain

4 Oct 2008
4 Oct 2008

It was the very last Upcycle Yourself workshop of ikikik! After many days of making sexy, crazy, beautiful and silly dresses and trousers from oversized t-shirts, these very successful workshops had finally come to an end. Anyone could do it and if not, we'd help you!


how do i look? -

With a mountain of second-hand clothing (literally), work tables, sewing machines, sewing kits, tailor's dummies and lots of haberdashery.

The Andrea Crews collective were leading the workshops themselves on July 19, 23 and 26. Afterwards the workshops were led by young fashion designers from Amsterdam, The Hague and Arnhem.

Every Wednesday and Saturday from 12.00 - 18.00 hours at Mediamatic Bank.