Car Smell

Odorama 24 - with Justus Tomlow, Claus Noppeney, Jorg Hempenius and Bastiaan Medendorp

12 Apr 2018

Many important moments of our lives take place in a car. From when you are born, to the last ride, the smell of the car gets infused with different and sometimes untraceable scents. It can be seen as a true olfactory diary. Wet dog, unidentified fungus, a family pack of sugary soda, or a flowery synthetic scent. Cars have determined urban scentscapes since its invention to the present. During this Odorama, Justus Tomlow, Claus Noppeney and Jorg Hempenius and his colleague Bastiaan Medendorp from Iscent will pay tribute to the smell of cars.



Jorg Hempenius and Bastiaan Medendorp talks about secrets used in scent-marketing in car-sales. - Giulia Menicucci

With: Iscent

Odorama is a collaboration between Mediamatic and Caro Verbeek.

Justus Tomlow

To keep his hands dirty, Justus Tomlow prefers to drive vehicles that are aged beyond a properly matured Islay whisky. Especially if they produce simular racy notes. As long as he can remember, Justus has been especially attentive to the smell of cars. At least since he was 6 months old. During this Odorama, he invites you to close your eyes and embark on a scent-i-mental journey beyond the wind screen.

Claus Noppeney

As a closed space, the car can be seen as an olfactory diary of it's owner. Because of these qualities, many practitioners address the car as an olfactory artifact. How can we use this knowledge to learn more about the wider culture of our vehicle? During this talk, Claus Noppeney, founder of the Scentculture Institute, questions the business opportunity for olfactory nostalgia. How does this relate to the cultural history of the car?

Jorg Hempenius & Bastiaan Medendorp

Scent marketing experts Jorg Hempenius and Bastiaan Medendorp know all about the different smell editions for cars. What smells are most wanted, and what do we try to avoid? During the evening they will unveil some of their secrets used in scent-marketing in car-sales. 


Scentman is accompanying Caro Verbeek during her presentation spraying different scents for the public. - Margherita Soldati


Odorama: Car Smell
Thursday 12 April
Program starts at 20:00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: €7,50 pre-sale | €10 door | €5 students (incl. Administration fee)