Bloody Plant Steak

Try the new vegan steak that bleeds

12 Jun 2018

Food product designer Robin Haakmat from Vivera, created a vegan steak that bleeds and tastes like real meat. This product will be officially released on Monday 11th June in Dutch supermarkets. To celebrate this juicy new product, we invite you to come and taste the product at Mediamatic ETEN!

Free tasting. Craving more?

Only tonight at Mediamatic ETEN: Steak frites + Salad for 11 euro.

Vegan steak celebration starts at 18.30.


Vivera's 100% Plant Based Steak, from Vivera's Presskit -

Secret Ingredient: Heme

Heme is molecule rich in iron and that is prominent in animal blood. This can be said to give the taste and smell of meat. Heme have recently been introduced to vegan meats and have been argued to taste, cook, and looks like real meat! The question now is to what extent can a ‘substitute’ become the real deal?

While the need for sustainable developments continue to increase, designers and scientists continue to create technology more innovative and sustainable than the last. Like with energy, you can replace fossil fuels with renewable energy and meat with vegetables and extracted heme! What a world we live in!

We hope to see you at Mediamatic Eten to help us validate the necessity of trickery in foods and discuss the alternatives of daily consumption habits!


Bloody Plant Steak
Tuesday 12th June
Steak served at 18.30
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam