Beauty Kit Focus Group

Participatory Lecture Performance 0.1 Mediamatic by Isabel Burr Raty

7 Nov 2018

In this Beauty Kit Focus Group Isabel Burr Raty, who is in residence at both Mediamatic, Waag Society and VU this year, presents the beauty bio-products that she manufactures with female sexual fluids. With scientific evidence and ancestral perspectives she exposes how the female organs have the faculty to enhance beauty and wellbeing. The Focus Group attendants are invited to inquire into the fabrication process and advise on possible consumers of these products.

Her Female Farm project where the artist disseminates a female farming system that massively harvests genital fluids, started last summer in Portugal. During this evening she will share the results of this experiment and invite participants to the upcoming December Farm, taking place in Amsterdam before Christmas.

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13-05-2019 Beauty Kit - In this  Focus Group,  the artist presents the beauty bio-products that she conceptualised, invented and manufactured using the sexual juices harvested from her farms in Portugal and Amsterdam. Combining medical and ancestral perspectives, she exposes how the nutritious properties in these fluids can replace components of beauty products that we find in the market today and points out the empty gaps that science currently has regarding the female body’s full agency.  Tia Torok

The Beauty Kit Female Farm 0.2

Amsterdam Christmas Camp

(16th-22nd of December 2018)

In the Beauty Kit Female Farm, Isabel Burr Raty together with a facilitating team instructs women on a bio-autonomous female farming technique and teaches them how to manufacture beauty bio-products using their own erogenous fluids. On this ground, this farm produces, harvests and disseminates transindividual knowledge about female sexual ecology and agency.

The Beauty Kit Female Farm 0.2 maps out a radical feministic practice between 3 artistic venues that withhold significance for the historical construction of Amsterdam: M4 Gastatelier, Waag and Mediamatic.

For more information about the BKFF 0.2  click here or contact the artist directly.

Isabel Burr Raty

Isabel Burr Raty is a Belgian-Chilean independent filmmaker and performance artist. In her films, she brings the imaginative realisms of the eco-survivors and their subversive sense of chronology onto the screen. In her artistic research she interweaves new media, body/live art, lectures and participatory performance proposing hybrid narratives and bio-autonomy practices that play with synthetic magic and compose in situ Sci-Fi. Isabel is currently an artist in residence in Amsterdam via the AFK 3 package deal and partnered with Mediamatic, De Waag and Prof. Toby Kiers (VU Amsterdam).

The Beauty Kit Focus Group With Isabel Burr Raty
7 November, 20:00 - 21:00 
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam