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Portret van Susanne Duijvestein - door Elisabeth Lanz

Susanne Duijvestein (1986) is trained as an organizational expert and after eleven years of cooperative banking and other positions at Slow Food and the Amsterdam Economic Board made a switch to the profession of funeral director. She guides families through designing the funeral of the recently deceased. Not only does she deal with death on a daily basis (which changes her perspective on life), but she also works with an originally conservative industry that is in transition.

Since the spring of 2019, Susanne is chief curator of death at Mediamatic.

As a young, progressive self-employed person, she mirrors the funeral world on ethics and aesthetics, but she also likes to mirror ourselves as ordinary mortals on how we relate to our own transience, what we leave behind on this planet and how we can make funerals our own.

Subjects that fascinate her are the taboo on death, alternative forms of funeral services, environmentally conscious use of materials, rituals, life stories and old traditions.

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