Space for a final goodbye

(un)conventional rite

All forms of life are given a place at Mediamatic. Death is inherently linked with the cycle of life. Just as nature provides room for death, so do we. We offer the opportunity to bid your deceased farewell one last time at our unique location.


Open Sluisdeurenloods during Haeckel-exposition -

As a funeral location, we like to think along with you and the undertaker about a proper goodbye. To make this farewell as beautiful and safe as possible, we provide the creative spirit of Mediamatic. As an art institute, we offer space for a special and fitting farewell.

A funeral by moonlight? Arriving by boat? Life-sized projections? Almost everything is possible.

Our venue the 'Sluisdeurenloods' (floodgates warehouse) is very suitable as a location for a memorable ceremony. The warehouse was built in the end of the 19th century and is recently renovated by Mediamatic. The robust wooden building has a serene and timeless character.

Mediamatic is easily accessible. We are located close to Amsterdam Central Station. Tram 26 and the Piet Heijn parking garage are just a three-minute walk away from our venue. Since we are beautifully situated at the waterside, it is possible to voyage via the canals to various resting places.

We have a broad selection of plant based catering available. We also offer the option of a personalized menu.

According to the current guidelines, we allow a maximum of 50 people in the Sluisdeurenloods.

Specifications of the space


Almost everything is possible. Please contact us to let us know what your wishes are. Send a mail with the subject: 'funeral' to or call +31206389901. Provide us with the following information: amount of people, preferred date, time period, technical needs, and if you are interested in catering.