Sculpting Textiles

with Margherita Soldati

How can you use unconventional materials and techniques to manipulate textile in shapes, textures and patterns?

During the workshop, artist Margherita Soldati will introduce you to manipulating different types of fabric and ways to create shapes, textures and patterns. You will experiment with various materials and try out different methods, from the most traditional to the most absurd.


Margherita Soldati performing one of the manipulation techniques -

What you will do

During this workshop, you will learn how to manipulate textiles into 3D shapes. In just 4 hours, Soldati will teach you the many techniques she mastered over the past years. You will leave with a solid base to start your own practice of manipulating textiles and the knowledge on how to design patterns. During the workshop, you will put Soldati's techniques to practice. This includes practicing non-conventional techniques such as using clay or bio-plastic to substitute stitching, as well as using heat to transform textile into unlimited 3D shapes. This workshop is especially interesting for those wanting to work with textile and those interested in architectural shapes and sculptures. To continue your practice after the workshop, you will receive a booklet with 16 different techniques.

Margherita Soldati

In the past years, Margherita has been researching how stimulating tactility can benefit our lives, especially focusing on people suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia. To show this vision, she researches specific materials and textures which could give the right sensory effect and works them into new objects, structures, and surfaces. She also looks into applying this research to small-scale projects, or even standard architectural elements.

"Her fascination for making works that explore the tactile perception comes from the belief that the body is the house of our memory and identity and that all human senses, including vision, are the extension of the sense of touch."


Workshop: Sculpting Textiles
Duration: 3,5 hours

Price: €116 /person

Price for artists/students group: €89 /person

This workshop will be given in English.