8. Weimin Zhu

Playful Jewelry for the Inner World

Exhibition by Weimin Zhu

26 Aug 2022
31 Dec 2024

'Playful Jewelry for the Inner World' is a collection of silver jewelry that invites the wearer to move meditatively. The rhythmic movements bring you closer to your inner world, make you more aware of your body and allow you to process stimuli better.


Playful Jewelry for the inner world - Photo credit: Jasja Johanna



The psychological term for this repetitive behaviour is stimming. We often talk about stimming in the context of sensory disorders like autism, but overstimulation can be a problem for anyone. This is partly due to a large increase in the number of triggers that humans have to deal with. Our attention is constantly diverted, making it so valuable that it is even bought and traded. So let's try stimming together!

Weimin Zhu

Weimin Zhu is a jewellery and object designer who started her design-career at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (NL), after which she will start at the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL). Her designs are focused on the often intimate relationship between objects, our daily lives and our bodies, specifically our inner self.