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Picking pink yarrow

Yarrow, or Achillea millefolium, is an edible plant with medicinal properties.

In the Middle Ages it was thought to have subtle powers for wounds and help with mitigating fevers. Yarrow Tea is a good remedy for severe colds, being most useful in the commencement of fevers. Some of its old names such as Soldier's Wound Wort and Knight's Milfoil testify to its reputation as a vulnerary. Another popular name for it is Nosebleed, as it is also quite well known for helping with nose bleeding. Some sources state that Yarrow’s effect in regulating blood circulation is particularly noticeable in the abdominal area, making yarrow all the more relevant for period abdominal cramps. 

Yarrow grows everywhere, in the grass, in meadows, pastures, and by the roadside. 

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