Venla Elonsalo

Fashion Designer


Venla Elonsalo - Picture of Venla Elonsalo taken by  Aurora Frestadius

Venla Elonsalo is a fashion student at Aalto University Of Art, Design & Architecture in Helsinki. During her bachelor studies she expanded her knowledge of knitwear, woven fabrics, fabric printing and pattern making. She strives to be sustainable in her work through materials and design choices.

For her BA graduate collection Elonsalo researched techniques of making plush toys and traditional teddy bears. Furthermore, she became fascinated by technological possibilities in fashion. While making patterns she used 3D programs such as Blender and CLO3D.

"The collection researches emotional comfort of plush toys by combining them into garments. The aim was to design clothes that give comfort in same way as a favorite garment or a plush toy.”