performance: Victor Engbers


Beftival Museumnacht 2021

6 Nov 2021

How do men deal with licking? Are men perhaps a little afraid of it because it gives freedoms to women to solve their pleasure themselves?

Victor provides insight into cultural expressions and strange theories, showing that men have gone to quite a bit of trouble to put biting in a bad light, While they might have done better to just become really good at it.

He wonders how we can get men on the right track. Expect a mix of image and performance, where men are confronted with their modest role when it comes to licking. What can we do better? How do we get there? What can men learn from each other? 


LIKKEN - Performance by Victor Engbers - Victor Engbers  during his performance titled LIKKEN  at  Beftival  during Museumnacht 2021 Caroline Aravicius, Victor Engbers

This event is part of Beftival during Museumnacht Amsterdam.