June '22 - Nov '22

Ismini Kyritsis

Exhibition Assistant


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My name is Ismini Kyritsis and I am more than excited to be working at Mediamatic. 

I was born in Greece where I did my Bachelor’s in History of Art. I was always fascinated with contemporary art and some of my favorite movements are: Fluxus, de Stijl and the ZERO group. I also love digital art and performance. As you can imagine my favorite Musuem here is the Stedelijk…

During my time at Mediamatic I was involved in the "CD-Rom project, a unique opportunity to work with and research the Mediamatic collection of CD-Rom art. The result of this project was the exhibition "All senses Operative" tribute to the first artwork distributed by the Mediamatic Magazine "BlindRom, The prototype" by Gerald van der Kaap.