Camilla Calamai



Veggie Portrait. Camilla - Camilla chose a beet.  Sandra Ruiz Castroviejo


My name is Camilla, I started off at Mediamatic as an exhibition intern and later became an exhibition assistant. 

During my time here I organised exhibitions, planned events, wrote articles and did a whole bunch of random things with some really great people.

I gained invaluable insights from my talented coworkers and the inspiring artists I collaborated with. The hands-on experience I acquired was particularly valuable, as it filled the gaps in my academic studies and provided me with practical skills essential for the cultural sector.

I am deeply grateful for the knowledge and experience I gained during my time at Mediamatic. The opportunity to work in such a dynamic and multidisciplinary environment has greatly enhanced my understanding of the curatorial field and has fuelled my passion for project development and curation.

Projects I worked on: Museumnight, Penny For Your Thoughts, Growing Gunya, Japanese Knotweed Festival, Face Nature