Proposal by: Sophia Schullan

Form Follows Fun

Project Proposal: Form Follows Fun – Finding Fun In Everyday Life

‘Form Follows Fun’ would be a talk hosted in the Mediamatic facilities. Its goal is not only to spread fun and entertainment but more importantly to give others the tools to create fun and entertainment themselves. It will be an extension of a previous project of mine called ‘Playfulness’. (‘Playfulness’ is a series of experimental installations which I documented in form of videos. The project shows my morning routine in lockdown being redesigned over and over again. Goal was to transform my back then monotonous daily existence of being stuck at home alone into an eventful and fun adventure.) To not only entertain myself but also entertain others and educate them on what I learned during that process, I want to create this follow-up project called ‘Form Follows Fun’.


PlayfulButtering - credits: Sophia Schullan.jpg

Project Description

‘Form Follows Fun’ will be a talk that is not only meant to spread fun and entertainment but most importantly give others the tools to create fun and entertainment themselves. The talk will be based on my findings when investigating Playfulness. My investigation made me experience the ordinary from unexpected and exciting angles. It thereby shook up my deadlocked perspective on everyday life and made me discover its potential to be fun. It also taught me a lot about spontaneity, flexibility, creativity and the immense power of fun. Now that the world has opened up again I would love to share with others what I learned. I would like to offer that knowledge through a talk that includes a screening of the film ‘Playfulness’ which I designed to visualise my approach of unlocking fun in everyday life.


In times of not only a two year pandemic but war in Europe, inflation and an ongoing climate crisis—everyday life can really bring you down. Our new daily life is increasingly filled with anxiety, stress, chaos and worries but hardly any joy. Aside from gallows humour there is not much to laugh about. In times like these one might even wonder if it is morally wrong to have a good time. In my opinion lightheartedness should never be a guilty pleasure. On the contrary I think of fun as a rather underrated skill to navigate through everyday life. The ability to entertain oneself with even the smallest and most ordinary things is a most precious tool to have in everyday life. It gives us the power to have a good time autonomously, it is thereby essential to well-being and a vital tool to improve mental health.


Possible ways to expand the project

Beyond giving a talk I would be very interested to develop a workshop that playfully invites others to change the angle with which they look at the most familiar objects and routines of their daily life—and thereby playfully discover their potential to be fun. From my point of view that could be a nice way to expand the project and be a fun addition to Mediamatic's interesting workshop offers.


I am Sophia Schullan—a multi-disciplinary conceptual designer based in Rotterdam. In my opinion design has the power to influence what we think, how we act, and by extension how we experience the world. This awareness comes with the responsibility to use design as a tool to make an impact on anyone in touch with our designs. That motivates me to not only design something beautiful—but more importantly—something meaningful. I work with installations, sculptures, photography and video. What all of my projects have in common is a strong sense of humor. For me a lighthearted mindset during the design process does not only boost creative ideas, a humorous tone also makes these ideas more approachable for others. That’s why my work usually tackles relevant topics in a playful and fun manner; to make people think—with a positive attitude.


Estimated costs

Developing the talk and presentation will entail an artist fee of 950€. The budget could fluctuate depending on travel costs and the equipment needed and on the eventuality of being able to access equipment already available at Mediamatic.


This proposal is part of the 'Penny for your Thoughts' project 2022.