Sept 2019 - Jan 2020

Sophia Schullan

Design Assistant

I am Sophia Schullan—a multi-disciplinary conceptual designer based in Rotterdam. In my opinion design has the power to influence what we think, how we act, and by extension how we experience the world. This awareness comes with the responsibility to use design as a tool to make an impact on anyone in touch with our designs. That motivates me to not only design something beautiful—but more importantly—something meaningful. I work with installations, sculptures, photography and video. What all of my projects have in common is a strong sense of humor. For me a lighthearted mindset during the design process does not only boost creative ideas, a humorous tone also makes these ideas more approachable for others. That’s why my work usually tackles relevant topics in a playful and fun manner; to make people think—with a positive attitude.

Contact information

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