Jip Santen

Salt tolerant plants in aquaponics

Exploring new plants as an adaptation strategy

As a part of our project 'Grain of Salt' we are researching plant species that are more tolerant towards salty conditions. These plants have special mechanisms to withstand higher concentrations of salts in their environment. Since we want to use canal water in our aquaponics system, we expect the salt levels in our system to rise significantly. Making our system more resilient by introducing salt tolerant species is therefore a top priority. 


Saline Agriculture - An adaptation strategy Researching different plant species to adapt to changing conditions in aquaponics. Jip Santen

We are looking into the following plants. We are curious about their properties, their salt tolerance mechanisms, and their growing conditions. 

Sea Aster -  Zulte (Lamsoor) - Aster tripolium

Oyster leaf - Oesterblad -Mertensia Maritima

Glasswort - Zeekraal - Salicornia europeae

Sea kale - Zeekool - Crambe maritima

Sea fennel - Zeevenkel - Crithmum maritimum

Sea beet - Strandbiet - Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima

Iceplant - IJskruid - Mesembryanthemum crystallinum

Spoonwort - Lepelblad - Cochlearia officinalis

Opposite Leaved Saltwort - Monniksbaard - Salsola soda

Arugula - Rucola - Eruca vesicaria

Current aquaponics plants

Apart from introducing new species we are also curious to see how some of our current plants may also be able to withstand higher salt levels.

Research findings about salt tolerant species mention New Zealand spinach, Chard, Purslane, and mint varieties, which we all have in aquaponics.