Friday Tour: Japanese Knotweed Edition

14 Apr 2023

Get a glimpse behind the scenes, peek inside our sensorial labs, and learn more about the bio-art installations around the Biotoop during our weekly tour on Friday! In this edition we pay extra attention to the projects that are part of our ongoing Japanese Knotweed Festival.

Ticket + drink


Anna Lina among Japanese Knotweed - Look at our excursion! Anna Lina is one of our interns that helped us to go around the city and plant signs for Japanese Knotweed. Here she is walking with Japanese Knotweed surrounding her.  On May 6th, we went on an excursion to plant signs around Amsterdam with our interns to create awareness about the Japanese Knotweed and our work shine a light on its existence in our urban environment. Some plants are exchanged as tokens of love, some are glorified as national emblems, while some are labeled as 'invasive' or… Andrea Valdivia

During the tour, you'll get the chance peek inside our labs, in which we explore the possibilities of bio-materials for design, science and art. We will take you to the Clean lab, where we are currently focusing on the use of waste materials, as a source for new material. You get an introduction in the Aroma lab, our open perfume workshop and scent library where scent is explored as an artistic medium. And you will get to see the Aquaponics, where we grow herbs and edible flowers for our restaurant in a sustainable way. 

During the walk, we will also talk more about the current exhibitions and growing art installations that you find both on the outside and inside of our building. At the end of the tour, we'd like to invite you to stay for a glass of Japanese Knotweed lemonade!

This event takes place on the same day as our Japanese Knotweed Symposium, tickets may sell out faster than usual!


Friday Tour at 16:00
Tickets €4,50 (including drink)
Please note that, unless everyone speaks Dutch, this workshop will be held in English.
For questions, please send an email to

Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
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