3. Frank Bloem, Caetano Mendes Dias, Rachel Barfield

Aromas of Extermination

by Mediamatic Aromalab

14 Apr 2023
4 Aug 2024
Discover the smells of different ways humans try to get rid of the plant, from uprooting the plant to electrocuting their stems and leaves.

Our Intern Jada Smelling the Aromas of Extermination Exhibition - Vu Ha


Aromas of extermination exhibition - Justin Knelange


Over the years, contractors have come up with many creative and outlandish ways of rooting out Japanese knotweed. As the resilient plant is well established in Europe, it may already be too late to completely exterminate it. Its sweet and green rhubarb scent still prevails over the sad scent of its extermination.

Mediamatic's Aromalab developed different smells of Japanese knotweed and mimicked the smells of the ways it is commonly exterminated. The exhibition of the smells can be visited during the Japanese Kntoweed Festival

Aromalab Team

Frank Bloem


Frank Bloem working in the Aroma Lab -

Caetano Dias


Veggie Portrait. Caetano - Caetano chose the mango, with the colors of the portuguese flag.  Sandra Ruiz Castroviejo

Rachel Barfield


Rachel at the Aroma Lab - Sandra Ruiz Castroviejo



14 April - 30 April
12:00 – 21:00
Free entry

by Naomi van Dijck