Matilde Calamandrei


Photo of Matilde - Photo taken by Romy Kerkman Romy Kerkman

Hello! I'm Matilde, a graduant student in Herbal Sciences from Pisa University.

Nature has always been my source of inspiration, fueling my curiosity about the countless ways it can dance with human creativity. As I embark on this journey, my aim is to shift away from the conventional, exploring paths that go beyond the typical anthropocentric perspective.

I'm captivated by the idea of weaving art and science into a puzzle of creative solutions for a future that embraces everyone. The marriage of these two worlds allows for a unique perspective, one that's not only innovative but also sets the stage for a more inclusive tomorrow.

During the first period of my internship, I've worked on Korreltje Zout and iJKruid, by choosing the plants that are gonna be in our renovated ecological terrace and updating our plant database with more concise and precise knowledge about the plants we've come across. I then focused on finding new sustainable and more ethical sources for the hydroponic system, specifically researching on urine for nitrogen and phosphorus.
I'm also researching for new and interesting approaches to global future - in the realm of urban agriculture.



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