exhibition: Thijmen Peters

Thank You For Your Patience

Installation by Thijmen Peters

13 Dec 2023
17 Mar 2024

In our daily lives, we often encounter systems that make us wait. The information provided during these moments of waiting plays a significant role in our trust in a system.


Thank You For Your Patience - Installation of Thijmen Peters during Museumnacht 4 & 11 November 2023 Photography: Jasja Offermans

The project “Thank You for Your Patience” aims to challenge this waiting dynamic between systems and their users. In the installation, people are invited to generate alternative delay announcements. These submitted announcements are then broadcast in a place for waiting. Ranging from bureaucratic, personal to odd, they evoke a range of emotions from confusion to joy and frustration. Through this interactive experience, the project prompts a playful reflection on our reliance on institutions and systems.

The installation was part of Museumnight: Self and Self Again

From December until March, the Thank You for Your Patience installation was on view at Mediamatic. You can view the delay archive on https://thankyouforyourpatience.nl/