Kaspar Wimberley



Kaspar - Kaspar Wimberley

For more information and a portfolio of recent work please visit www.treacletheatre.co.uk

Based in Stuttgart, I currently work internationally as an interventionist and urban researcher specialising in site-specific and site-responsive art, developing alternative strategies for audience engagement and exploring new forms of artistic collaboration.

Current lines of enquiry include a series of investigations that explore our relationship to and within an urban environment. These documentaries and interactive installations have dealt with notions of solidarity, of the private and public, of nets, holes and boundaries. Each investigation expands, defines or confines space.

Projects have been described as invitations to take part in something, writing into or attempting to read the city, and often incorporate some form of growing archive, in which the documentation of the project is part of the experience. Projects are quietly subversive, ephemeral or temporary in nature, readjusting the narrative and appreciation of any given site.

„The participants are your brush, and the city is your canvas”
Serge Boulier, 2008