What shall we do with your online profile when you die?

Simultaneously with the opening of the Ik R.I.P. exhibition, Mediamatic Lab launched a new website: www.ikrip.nl. On this website you have the chance to decide how you want your profile to look after you die. Do you want someone to make changes to your profile for you? Would you like to send a message to your friends on the internet? Can they leave condolence messages for you? Visit www.ikrip.nl and make your own choices.


Ik RIP . -

The website www.ikrip.nl is part of Ik R.I.P, an exhibition about death, internet and self-representation.

Many people have one or more profiles on the internet. When a person suddenly dies, there are usually no arrangements for their digital heritage. Does that mean your information will stay online forever? What impression do you leave behind on the internet? These questions were the starting point for Mediamatic's exhibition Ik R.I.P. and the direct motivation for the creation of the new website.

The Ik RIP website is a place where you can record your wishes about your existing online profile(s) completely anonymously. You can indicate what you think should happen to your profile and the images on it. Do you and your contacts remain visible or should everything be deleted? Perhaps you would like some pictures to be removed or a special text to appear on your profile after you're gone. You can prepare online messages for all your friends, to tell them everything you never dared to say. The information becomes available to a person of your choice only after you pass away, and then your messages will be sent. Naturally, we don't take any action until we are absolutely sure that you have died.

Currently all 20.000+ members of Mediamatic can take care of their digital wishes and keep them up to date online. Members of other open-ci linked websites like Picnic, Museum De Paviljoens and Creative Amsterdam.nl can also create an IkRIP. The website works with open standards, which means it is possible for other social networks such as Hyves to offer www.ikrip.nl as a service to their members in the future.

Op www.ikrip.nl kunnen momenteel alle ruim 20.000 leden van Mediamatic hun digitale wensen vastleggen en online actueel houden. Ook leden van alle via open-ci gekoppelde websites, zoals Picnic, Museum De Paviljoens en Creative Amsterdam.nl kunnen een IkRIP vastleggen. De website werkt met open standaarden waardoor het op termijn ook mogelijk is dat andere sociale netwerken zoals Hyves, www.ikrip.nl als service aanbieden aan hun leden.

Up until now most social network websites prefer to avoid death. The website www.ikrip.nl is a new internet application to make sure you can take care of your online presence in the present as well as in the future.

Take a look on the Ik RIP site, make your own IkRIP and let us know what you think!