food @ freezing favela

In the Freezing Favela f@ff will work together with the other food projects and now continue as Favelous. Together they create a cozy space where you can dine, drink and meet.

The proposal of F@FF will continue as Favelous

Bread from food @ Freezing Favela -

We would like to create a warm area in the freezing favela. A multi purpose space in the fabriek with a kitchen producing healthy food mostly based on or inspired by the next-door aquaponic products. We are chefs and able to bring professional equipment, a good knowledge and experience about food. Our professional activities make the project economically independent. We would be happy to team up with similar / parallel proposals.

The structure would serve different purposes:
- Being the meeting, relaxing, eating, socializing area for the FF members and Mediamatic guests;
- Being part of the hospitality at Mediamatic fabriek;
- Being open to host the food related projects;
- Offering educational programs and workshops on how to prepare healthy low budget meals starting from fresh, in season, unprocessed ingredients;
- Developing natural cooking techniques with zero energies consumption;
- Exploring traditional food preserving system limiting the usage of refrigeration.

running water -tables and chairs -urban farming products

- Een netwerk van leveranciers, koks, eetcritici en experts.
- Merel Holleboom.
- Vrienden.