Ignite Amsterdam 31

12 presentations x 5 minutes

30 Oct 2013

You joined us for twelve hearty ideas that guaranteed to make you blush. From yodelling and the sound of plants to smalltime photography, goose croquettes and internet legends. We had dinner together at 19:00, the first speaker kicked off at 20:30.


Bart Plantenga - He wrote two books about yodeling, trying to restore it's reputation. Max van Boxel


Ignite is run by locals, for locals. Fast-paced and merciless, speakers get five minutes to present, making use of twenty slides that auto-advance every fifteen seconds. All presentations are given in English.


The audience - Max van Boxel


Almond pesto meatballs with homemade pasta-pesto - One of the meals at Ignite 31 served by the by the Thuiskoks. Max van Boxel


Bart Plantenga

Bart is a freelance researcher, writer, translator, editor and yodel expert. He recently wrote the book Yodel in Hi-Fi, in which he explores the varied traditions of yodellers around the world. From Switzerland to Korea, ranging from opera to hip-hop.

Robin Koek

Robin is a composer, musician and designer of artistic systems. He mainly focuses on interactive systems and sound art. This evening Robin will give us a glimpse of his work wherein acoustic, digital and analog signals intertwine.

Maurice van Es

Maurice's work is a monument for the small, the insubstantial. He graduated from the KABK this year with the project NOW WILL NOT BE WITH US FOREVER.


Picture from the YES series - By Maurice van Es, 2013. Sculptures of objects that met each other by coincidence. Serving as monuments of being at a certain place at a certain time. The picture was taken from Maurice's website .

Maud Aarts

Architects Maud Aarts and Dagobert Bergmans transformed an old farmhouse into an open and flexible working space for libertines. And besides that, the Buitenwerkplaats is a residency place for artists and has a beautiful garden.


Maud Aarts - Tells about how she transformed an old farm into a flexibel working space. Max van Boxel


Our former neighbours Natwerk, an activation agency since 2005, work on independent projects as well as for big companies. "Getting brands noticed is our number one priority. When consumers talk, brands grow."


BUURBECUE - The Buurbecue of Natwerk. Connect with your neigbours and break down social walls by BBQing together. Image found on the Natwerk website .


Frank de Ruwe - Shows twenty projects his company NATWERK, created just for the fun of it. Max van Boxel

Buy Nothing New Month

Re-discover what you already have! The Buy Nothing New month is an initiative by Kim van Dijk and Irene Rompa. They want to stimulate people to stop buying supplies for a period of one month in order to discover the beauty of sharing, repairing and up-cycling.


Kim van Dijk - Is one of the initiators of the Buy Nothing New Month. A month in which you're supposed to buy nothing new to create a conciousness of your consumptional behaviour. Max van Boxel

Anouk van Reijen

The work of Anouk is project based and focuses on the relationship between environments and the inhabitants, visitors or users of these spaces who give them meaning. For her graduation project she researched the concept ‘Guided Tour’ and organized special tours through the graduation exhibition of the Rietveld Academie.

Professional Rebel

A professional rebel is someone that challenges the status quo within organisations. Professional Rebel inspires these people by organising cycling tours and expeditions.

Keuken van het ongewenste dier (Kitchen of the unwanted animal)

Rats undermine our dikes. Birds destroy our safety. The kitchen of the unwanted animal cooks with animals that matter. The first thing on the menu: goose croquettes, made from disruptive Schiphol geese.

Anna Arov

Anna is a Russian/Canadian poet living and working in the Netherlands. She is a poetry editor for Amsterdam based literary journal Versal and teaches writing at the Dutch Royal Academy of Art.


Anna Arov - Tells about living her life struggling to find where she belongs. Max van Boxel

With: Anna Arov

Alexandra Duvekot

Alexandra saved 20 ill plants with the Plant Ambulance ‘Plantulance’ and with them created a musical performance while investigating their differences in behaviour. The Plant Orchestra is founded on her research into the sound of plants and the potential for contact between humans and plants.


The Plant Orchestra - Work by Alexandra Duvekot . Found on her website . Alexandra Duvekot

Sabine Wong

Sabine Wong is an anthropologist who has studied the (intimate) intersections of human-nature relationships in Iceland. She invites you to look upon the world with the fresh eyes of a child and to remember the unseen residents long forgotten in our postmodern world.


For dinner we invited our Thuiskoks. This time they prepared with all the love in the world the following dishes:

Joyce: Spicy Mexican Black Bean salad
Natasja: Almond pesto meatballs with homemade pasta pesto
Leonardo: Pasta a la Norma, with tomato sauce, fried aubergine and Italian cheese
Nikita: Pumkin Pie, Chocolate Guinness Pie or Chocolate-Chips Coockies

All meals are just €6,- .

More information

Mediamatic, VOC-kade 10, Oostenburg Amsterdam. Pre-sale tickets are €6,- until 14:00 on the day of the event, then they go up to €8,- (includes a 4-week Club Mediamatic membership). Tickets don't include dinner. Dinner starts at 19:00, the first speaker kicks off at 20:30. Free for Subbacultcha members.