Jolien Ruiter

Open Monument Day at Mediamatic Fabriek

Explore the Van Gendthallen

8 Sep 2012

From the construction of locomotives and big ship engines, to the development of an urban oasis: discover the secrets of the centuries-old Van Genthallen on September 8 and 9 and play in our Schommelclub for free. Henk van Engelen can tell you about the building's history between 14.00 and 17.00. Sunday evening the performance Monday, Larissa (The Practice of Saving) will take place. Click here for more information.


Van Gendthallen oostgevel - De oostgevel van de Van Gendthallen op het Oostenburgereiland in Amsterdam. Gemaakt door Ronald, gevonden op Wikipedia. De Van Gendthallen staan geregistreerd in het Monumentenregister. De oostgevel van de Van Gendthallen. Gevonden op Wikipedia.

Van Gendthallen

The enormous factory halls on Oostenburgereiland, designed by the architect Van Gendt, were built in the nineteenth century. Stadgenoot is currently looking into ways to breathe new life into these buildings in the east of Amsterdam. Together with organizations and companies who aren't afraid to experiment. Visit this page for more information about the Van Gendthallen and Oostenburgereiland.

Mediamatic Fabriek

In December 2011, Mediamatic hung 6 swings from the 16 meter high roof construction. This marked the beginning of a new period of experiment and play in two of the large factory halls. Since then we've been putting on workshops, exhibitions and parties at this new location: Mediamatic Fabriek.

More information

The Van Gendthallen are located on the Oostenburgereiland in the east of Amsterdam. Click here for directions. Free entrance to Mediamatic Fabriek and the Schommelclub during the weekend of Open Monument Day, on September 8 and 9. We are open on Saturday from 14.00 to 21.00 and on Sunday from 14.00 to 18.00 (swinging stops at 17.00).

On Sunday September 9, at 17.00, Lilach Livne will perform her Monday, Larissa (The Practice of Saving) in Mediamatic Fabriek. Click here for more information. Note: this performance is possibly not appropriate for children.