Mushrooms in your Brain

Consciousness modification primer.

10 Nov 2011

From the century old historical use of hallucinogenics, to the psychedelic underground and the ungrounded illegality of today. Three experts from different fields share their stories and knowledge about the most natural hallucinogenic substance known to mankind. Please RSVP to let us know you're coming.


Psilocybe Tampanensis - Picture by Workman, found on Wikipedia.


Arno Adelaars

From a curious Swiss scientist who discovered LSD (he lived to be 102 years old), to the first Westerner who participated in a Mazatec mushroom ritual. Relating the stories of remarkable historical figures, as well as drawing from personal experience, Arno will lead us through the highlights of hallucinogenics' roller coaster past.

Stephen Snelders

Stephan is a researcher at the Utrecht University. He'll discuss the historical use of hallucinogenic mushrooms like the Fly Agaric, and shed some light on the use of mushrooms' psycho-active ingredients for medical purposes.

Ivar Verploegh

Dive into the psychedelic underground with Ivar, and discover how the use of certain hallucinogenics can stimulate artistic and spiritual growth.

More information

Mushrooms in your Brain will take place at Mediamatic Bank, Vijzelstraat 68 Amsterdam. Tickets €2.- excl. membership. If you don't have a membership card yet, you can purchase one at the door for €5,-. It's valid until December 1st, 2011.