Over Datum Eetclub 15

Do the Marengo with Ruud Kotterer

15 Nov 2011

Tonight's chef was Ruud 'Do the Marengo' Kotterer. Not one to reject something just because it's on its decline, Ruud was the perfect Over Datum fit. He used all the expired products we had and managed to create a delicious meal.


Chef Ruud Kotterer - ODE 15 - Onderdeel van Over Datum Eetclub. Anna Meijer

The Cook

Once upon a time Ruud Kotterer left for Paris to learn the ins and outs of cooking. Subsequently, his cooking skills sent him all around the world. Building on these global experiences, Ruud developed a cooking philosophy: Less is more, and the product has to be at the center of attention. But now that products are running out, and mother earth can no longer meet our demand, he was willing to fight with love and attention during this Over Datum Eetclub.

The evening

After making an inventory of all the expired products that were brought in, Ruud made up a menu. As a starter we had a fresh green salad, followed by a mixed vegetable stew with gruyere cheese. Ruud was even brave enough to attempt a dessert out of mushrooms, something none of our Over Datum chefs have ventured to do so far! It was a surprisingly nice bread porridge with shiitake mushrooms.

About 'do the marengo'

The statement 'do the marengo' comes from a distant past. In 1800 the battle of Marengo took place. Napoleon defeated the Austrians and immediately insisted on a victory meal after the fight. Thereafter his cook searched for all the edible things that he could find and prepared a chicken dish. Rumor has it that Napoleon liked the chicken so much, he demanded it must be eaten after every victorious battle. 'Chicken Marengo' is still a popular dish. The statement 'Do the Marengo' has nothing to do with chicken, but rather refers to the act of improvising with the products you have.

More information

Over Datum Eetclub 15 took place at Mediamatic Bank, Vijzelstraat 68, Amsterdam.