Ignite Amsterdam 19

12 presentations x 5 minutes

26 Jun 2012

We've eased into the summer with indoor-clouds and outdoor-shelters, loads of design and even a bit of poetry.


João over Mediamatic BOER - João Negro
 presenteert de Diesel Kantine bij Ignite Amsterdam 19. Simone Schoutens

With: João Negro


Ignite is run by locals, for locals. Fast-paced and merciless, speakers get five minutes to present, making use of twenty slides that auto-advance every fifteen seconds. All presentations are given in English.


Ignite Amsterdam 19 publiek - Gemaakt tijdens de pauze bij Ignite Amsterdam 19. Bij Ignite 19 Simone Schoutens


Berndnaut Smilde

Berndnaut concerns himself with the in-between. Transitional spaces such as corridors and staircases, as well as ephemeral processes. He showed some of his work, which includes temporary indoor-clouds and architectural interventions.

Femke Agema

Femke's work finds itself at the cross section between fashion and art, creating wearable autonomous objects. Her latest collection, Drijf, was inspired by the doomsday predictions of the Mayans.


Femke Agema - Presentatie over haar collecties. Bij Ignite Amsterdam 19. Simone Schoutens

With: Femke Agema

Aayu Architects

Aayu is a design studio for biological renovation and building led by Daniel Höwekamp and Luigi Pucciano. Building biology is the study of the indoor environment and its effect on humans.

Ruben Doornweerd

As an independent graphic designer, Ruben's practice is focused on designing books, visual identities, information design and visual & audible systems. Find out more about his work tonight.

Stephane Kaas

Since having graduated from the Film- and Television Academy in Amsterdam, Stephane has been working on autonomous films, as well as making short online movies for the likes of hard//hoofd and De Speld.


Stephane Kaas - Presenteerde zijn videowerk bij Ignite Amsterdam 19. Presenteert bij Ignite 19 Simone Schoutens

Jairo Wijman

Working hard on setting up a digital platform for dancers, Jairo will take a little time away from his work to tell us about project's process.


JONGHLABEL are Meis and Anne de Jongh. Joining forces, the sisters celebrate traditional craft work and storytelling. Here to tell us more about the stories behind their designs.


JONGHLABEL - Anne de Jongh vertelt over de verhalen achter hun ontwerpen bij Ignite Amsterdam 19. Simone Schoutens

João Negro

João will present the Diesel Kantine: a mobile kitchen in which discarded frying oil is made into soap and bio-diesel. The Diesel Kantine is one of the experiments now taking place at Mediamatic Fabriek.

Dušan Rodić

Concerned with maintaining art communities and institutions, Dušan investigates the role essential societal elements such as food production and shelter can play in securing autonomy for artists and art workers. He's currently a resident at the Rijksakademie.

Dirk Vis

Dirk is part of design collective Foundland, and is an editor for De Gids. His autonomous work includes interactive poetry landscapes, hypertexts and other forms of e-poetry.


Dirk Vis presenteert kinetische poëzie - Tijdens Ignite Amsterdam 19 liet Dirk zijn werk zien en las hij voor. Dirk Vis bij Ignite 19 Simone Schoutens

With: Dirk Vis

Nienke Sybrandy

Nienke and Jeroen Wand designed the Desktoop, a working space that simultaneously functions as a nursery. Light is supplied by the desk lamp, and the desk drawers are transformed into a little greenhouse.

Captain Video

Captain Video designs and produces moving images. Their work includes VJ-work, interaction design, and commercial work for television, theater and dance. They were also responsible for GyroPaint, an app that turns your iPhone into a 3D drawing machine.

Thijs Ewalts

Thijs believes that, in an age of increasingly autonomous products, it is still incredibly important to know how things work and to be able to do stuff yourself. Besides his autonomous work, he forms the design label PilotPlant with Annemarie Piscaerts and Tjeerd van Waijenburg.