Sebastian Kaye (UK)

Mycelium intern


Portrait - Selfie. Shot on 5D Mark I with post-production Photoshop manipulation. Sebastian Kaye (UK)

Mycelium Design team

MFA student in Media art and design, Weimar, Germany.
Interested in Art, Science and awareness.
Previously worked as a co-manager of Kent based UCA Pop Up Gallery

At Mediamatic I am working on the Mycoinsulation project as a bio-designer.


I use simple electronics (Arduino) to make devices of perception.

'Technodelics' is an exciting field! (E.g mind-body switching with help of technology instead of biology)

I'm interested in Eastern Philosophy and Western science of the mind.
Intrigued by the future potential roles of mycelium in Art, Design, Architecture and general living (e.g Automated Aquaponics).

Inspired by all activities that contribute to the new world of shared based resources, and earth-friendly alternatives (e.g Earth ships) to current defect practices.

Love to shoot multiple exposures with a medium format film camera, amongst other activities like, Lomography, Meditation, and ping pong.

Have a side-fetish for collecting information and making diagrams. It is a process of learning and aesthetic design in one.

Enjoying the Paradigm shift :)


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