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Bio-cultural lab for art and design

Mediamatic Bio Industry is a bio-cultural lab exploring the possibilities of bio-based materials for design, science and art. This means we bring science and culture together to collaborate. Our Lab is currently exploring the possibilities of fungi design with our Mycelium Project. The biology department of the University of Utrecht is our primary science partner. In addition to that Mediamatic Bio Industry presents a monthly BioTalk and workshops to inspire and spread the knowledge.


Mycelium Chair Eric Klarenbeek - Studio Eric Klarenbeek's myceliumchair, a chair in which 3D printing and growing material are combined. Klarenbeek is exploring ways of making 3D prints of living organisms, such as mycelium, the threadlike network in fungi. Studio Eric Klarenbeek

About the Mycelium Project
This is step 2 in Mediamatic's mycelium research (the first step was the exhibition Paddestoelen Paradijs). In 2014 we will continue our interest in design with fungi. Through an open call we've invited artists and designers to participate in the Myco Design Lab, an interdisciplinary lab in collaboration with the University of Utrecht and Officina Corpuscoli. Also we are looking into the possibilities of using mycelium as building material.

The biotalks are a monthly lecture series that put artists, designers and scientists on stage to tell about their work and research. How will designing with organisms change our perspective on art, design and food? At the biotalks new stories, insights and materials are presented.

Together with our beer curator Henriëtte Waal we organise a monthly gathering concerning radical beer design. We invite special brewers, beer designers and other thinkers and do-ers that are working with yeasts, wild yeasts and fermentations to tell their story and exchange thoughts.

Mediamatic Bio Industry is made possible by the DOEN Foundation en the Mondriaan Fund.


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