Youth Food Movement

YFM Academy celebration

22 Jun 2013

YFM was celebrating the summer and the closure of the YFM Academy 2013. There was a closed event during the day with presentations of the academics. At 9 pm everybody could join to drink and dance together with Youth Food Movement.


Youth Food Movement together in favelous - Erik Diekstra

More information

Youth Food Movement is an organization which wants to create awareness among young people in the choices they make concerning food. In doing so, YFM tries to make the food system fairer and healthier. They like people to enjoy and respect good food from which they know how and where it was made, something that is getting rare in today's society. Food that is produced in a sustainable way without unnecessary additives and animals suffering. And fair food, without exploitation of producers. One way to achieve these goals is the YFM Academy. Young professionals and students who deal with the food industry can join this interactive program to learn how to make the food system more sustainable. The program includes masterclasses in which the students learn from farmers, fishermen, scientists, chefs, policymakers and journalists.

The event took place at Mediamatic Fabriek and was by invitation only. From 12.30 the academics presented the assignments they fulfilled for the following companies: Alpro Foundation, Nutricia, SlowFarm, Triodos Foundation and Willem&Drees.