Alcoholics, Algae and Pigs

Bierberaad 06: Beer tastings and stories

6 Mar 2015

From green super algae to fodder. At tonights Bierberaad we will take a close look at the raw ingredients, waste and unusual histories of beer and their breweries. With Fodder Talk by Kai Kikkers (DuynieBeuker), Prison Beers by Arwen en Matthijs Ronner (Maallust and De Jongens Ronner), Corny Beer Science with Dewi Hartkamp (SIGN) and Detoxing Chlorella Beer (Bierbouwerij De Koperen Kat). More speakers and full tasting line-up will follow shortly!

This evening is curated by Henriette Waal.
Food at 18:30, Talks at 20:00


Bierberaad, 6 Feb. - Corn for the chicha beer at the last Bierberaad (Feb. 6th).


Dewi Hartkamp on the possibilities of brewing with corn
If you're interested in brewing a lighter beer for the upcoming spring days you might want to consider using corn. Dewi Hartkamp, program manager at SIGN, is going to tell you all about the ins and outs of this specific kind of grain. Corn is traditionally used to make chicha beer. During our last bierberaad we started brewing our own chicha by fermenting it with spit, which you are welcome to taste at the next Bierberaad on the 10th of April.


Creating chicha - Chewing corn for fermentation

Prison beers with brewery Maallust
Veenhuizen, a.k.a. Dutch Siberia, was once the home for thousands beggars, tramps, widows and orphans. Now this small town is gaining fame for their marvellous beers from brewery Maallust. Arwen en Matthijs Ronner are part of Boys Ronner, a design studio working for museums, festivals, publishers and non-profit organisations. By designing the graphic work for the Maallust beers, brewery and packaging their even became ‘Zware Jongens’ (shareholders) in the company! And their label for the Weizen beer even won the award for best beer label in 2011. Tonight Arwen and Matthijs will explain to you how they used the remarkable history of Veenhuizen in their design process.


Maallust beers - Beers by Maallust, prison brewery. Maallust, De Jongens Ronner

Recycling beer waste with Kai Kikkers from DuynieBeuker
What's left after beer brewing is a residue called 'brewer's spent grain' or 'bierbostel' in Dutch. Many brewery's are looking for a way to re-use this by product of beer. One of the main purposes is that it can be used as food for farm animals; fodder. DuynieBeuker is a company looking for sustainable and responsible solutions for animal food. At Bierberaad they will explain how they use brewer's spent grain (from our favorite trash beer Oettinger!) and transform it into some good animal food.


Spent grain - Spent grain

D-AL-G Detoxbeer by brewery De Koperen Kat
Drink beer and detox at the same time. Sounds contradicting? Rolf Katte from brewery De Koperen Kat started an algue-beer experiment by adding Chlorella to the brewing process. Chlorella is known for its nutritious value and belongs to the category of 'superfoods'. The experimental beer turned out to taste quite good. They are now brewing the first batch of Detoxbeer that is expected to be ready in April.


Bottoms up - Beer bottle bottom

Chili Beer from Brewery Berghoeve
Not only the spent grain of our 'trash beer' gets processed by DuynieBeuker, but also that of brewery Berghoeve. So along with DuynieBeuker, Jurgen of Berghoeve will join us. Together with co-owner Geralda he developed a shared passion for brewing while both studying Food technology. In 2010 they started Berghoeve and now they're coming by to tell their story and let you taste their delightful Chili Porter.

Michiel Kleiss about the Hangover Information Centre
Waking up with a headache and feeling nauseous after a night drinking? Yup, hangover. After drinking alcohol the body needs additional water and nutrients, including vitamins and amino-acids. The Hangover Information Centre offers you RESET. Drink it during or directly after alcohol consumption, just before going to bed. RESET contains a combination of specific vitamins and amino-acids — in addition to the body's own antioxidant glutathione. Next morning you won't have any of the hangover symptoms. Too good to be true? Find out at Bierberaad!


Hangover Information Centre - Buy you RESET drink in the Hangover Information Centre Shop in the Red Light District in Amsterdam


Two beers by brewery Maallust
Oettinger Malz beer
Chili Porter by brewery Berghoeve
RESET anti-hangover drink by the Hangover Information Center

Bierberaad: Alcoholics, Algae and Pigs
Friday 6 March.
Food at 18:30, Talks at 20:00
Location: Biotoop Mediamatic, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: €12,50 (incl. membership)
Note: tasting is only accessible with a valid membership

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