1 Jan 2003

Dietmar Dath


Dietmar Dath, born 1970, is a freelancer/journalist/hack, poet & novelist, living and working in Freiburg, Germany.

Since 1990 he is a regular contributor to Titanic, the largest satirical monthly in Germany. He also works for Konkret (a leftist political monthly), Spex (music/culture review) & several fanzines. In 1994 he participated in Bilwet's Data-Dandy tour across Germany and Austria.

Dietmar Dath has published essays & poems in bookform and translated several American Novels (Buddy Giovinazzo & others).

Sofar Dietmar has contributed the following articles and reviews to Mediamatic:

''The Anatomy of Bibliomania by Holbrook Jackson

Distinction Renouncing Movement: Ambientity vs Identity''