Henriette Cramer

Researcher human-computer interaction, user-adaptivity, affect


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I'm a researcher at the Mobile Life Centre in Stockholm, Sweden.

On a very general level, I’m interested in how people perceive technology and use it in their daily lives. At Mobile Life, I’m working on projects involving interaction with mobile apps, location-based services such as Foursquare or Gowalla, mobile mashups, wide distribution of research apps, playfulness and human-robot interaction. I work within Mobile Life’s Mobile 2.0 group and Future Applications Lab.

Before I moved to Sweden, I was a PhD-researcher at the University of Amsterdam's Human-Computer Studies lab where I researched human interaction with user-adaptive and (semi-)autonomous systems from the perspectives of user control vs. system autonomy, transparency, and trust.

Fun stuff at Mediamatic:
In november 2008 I gave a talk at the Mobile DevCamp (amsterdam.mobiledevcamp.eu/) focusing on Mobile HCI.
I also participated in Mediamatic's e-fashion/Arduino workshop.