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e-Fashion Day

Learn and play with new electric designer materials

17 Apr 2008
17 Apr 2008

Learn and play with new electric designer materials - a new 1-day workshop with Leah Buechley on the uses of new electric designer materials in e-Fashion and wearables.

During the workshop Leah was interviewed for the Radio programma 'Electronic Century'. Listen to her explanations of e-Fashion on Bussiness News Radio.


Becky Stern's Lilypad embroidery, Picture taken from Leah Buechley's Flickr . - Leah Buechley

Leah Buechley, wearables specialist and designer of the Lilypad Arduino, will demonstrate an array of new materials from pressure sensing rubber to flexible solar cells, from shape memory alloy (nitinol) to conductive paint and more. She will feedback on participants wearables ideas, and lead in a series of hands-on how to's on the combination of electronics with clothing.

Wearables are not just about pimping your outfit. Designing wearables is an investigation into the electronic extrapolation of the role of clothing and fashion. Clothes are about expressing yourself, so communication devices might find there a natural home...


More and more objects are being connected to networks, and become carriers, collectors, and transmitters of various kinds of data. When looking at very personal objects like clothes and jewelery, this development gets particularly interesting.

In the morning presentation, Leah tells more about her work her projects and demo's various materials.
Participants brainstorm on ideas for e-Fashion and wearables. Leah Buechley will give feedback on the interactions and circuits that form the basics of these ideas, and will discuss what can actually be made.
In the afternoon the basic principles of these ideas will be treated in a series of how-to's and hands-on exercises.

How to make a reliable switch from conductive fabrics? What to keep in mind when embedding electronics in clothing?


Hand-made flexibel Lilypad. -

Tools & materials

Specific attention will be paid to the LilyPad Arduino which is an e-textile construction kit designed by Leah Buechley and its rare, soft, hand-made sister.
Furthermore Leah will bring samples of: Pressure/stretch sensing rubber, conductive transparent plastic film; super thin, flexible, rechargeable batteries; flexible solar cells; flexible (sewable) bend, pressure, and touch sensors; shape memory alloy (nitinol) and conductive paint.

Target group

The workshop is designed for a maximum of 16 artists, computer scientists, fashion designers, hardware hackers, fabric experts, product developers or media-makers.


Leah Buechley, Wearables specialist and creator of the Lilypad Arduino.


shiny materials -

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