Book: Ed van Hinte 1 Jan 2002

1:1 Martí Guixé

An A3 picture book which provides a humorous overview of Guixe's work.

With his evocative and inspiring work Martí Guixé is a rising star in the world of design. His approach to function is unconventional, to say the least. Guixé’s aim is to provide people with a ’mandorla’, a Catalan word that can loosely be translated as ’aura of well-being’. He is an extremely productive creator of ideas that may deal with manuals for making toys out of coat hangers, functional tattoos or interior decoration for aquariums. This A3 picture book provides a humorous overview of his work. It consists entirely of 1:1 photographs by Inga Knölke objects, drawings and texts.


Front 1:1 Marti Guixe cover -


6.2 HIN