Book: Edward Tufte 1 Jan 1995

Envisioning Information

The middle volume in Tufte's "trilogy", focuses on rendering complex and often three-dimensional information in two-dimensional space; on "escaping flatland" as he says.

This book celebrates escapes from the flatlands of both paper and computer screen, showing superb displays of high-dimensional complex data. The most design-oriented of Edward Tufte's books, Envisioning Information shows maps, charts, scientific presentations, diagrams, computer interfaces, statistical graphics and tables, stereo photographs, guidebooks, courtroom exhibits, timetables, use of color, a pop-up, and many other wonderful displays of information.

The book provides practical advice about how to explain complex material by visual means, with extraordinary examples to illustrate the fundamental principles of information displays. Topics include escaping flatland, color and information, micro/macro designs, layering and separation, small multiples, and narratives.


Voorkant Envisioning Information -



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