new box: due 18th

photo/video box for the me! me! me! exhibition. Three should be ready for opening.

this is the scheme with all parts and connections. Only how the parts are fixed to the box is left out.
Also the glass is still under construction (today at 4 we can make a prototype).
Note: The preamp is kicked out because of further improvements!


scheme box.jpg -

To do list (hardware videobox):

- Get some more lenses as soon as possible that we can use when the right ones don't arrive on friday.

- Finish parts to get camera/lens in place: two are done, just need little screws.

- Fix all parts in the box (mic/light/tag/cam and rest for screen) with aluminium. Alu is there, just need to drill holes in two boxes to fix it.

- Buy grounded electricity stuff at aurora (chassispart and others). Fix this together in boxes. One done, one to go.

- Some more holes in the box have to be made: electricity and ethernet?

- The scenario for how to use the box is still under debate. Eke & Willem ( & ... ? ) will go into that, this will be done on the fly, quickly when it is working.