Tomorrow is Humourless

Marijn van Kreij

20 Sep 2008
2 Nov 2008

From mid-September the exhibition space at Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam will be annexed by the work of Marijn van Kreij.


Marijn van Kreij, Untitled (2008), afbeelding van de website van de kunstenaar -

Large wall paintings, combined with drawings in various formats and styles, transform the space into a colourful, anarchistic interplay of diverse artistic forms. Central aspects of Van Kreij’s work such as appropriation, copying, citation and redefining return in this powerful three-dimensional installation which is begin staged by the artist himself under the title ‘Tomorrow is Humourless.’

Van Kreij’s art production includes drawings, paintings, photographs, objects and videos that often refer to the popular and mass culture of the 20th and 21st century. Using written and drawn symbols and forms, he shows us a world in which playfulness prevails and rules are made to be broken. One of his points of departure is the denial of any difference between the expressive power of images and words. That reveals itself in wall paintings of text fragments or drawings that at the same time appear to be notes. Examples of this can be found in the publication Marijn van Kreij - O Let it Be (2008).

From September 21 - November 2, 2008 at SMBA in Amsterdam

Opening 20 September at 5 pm!